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Homes repairs cost on average $4000 per year, and more than half of that cost comes from major items like an air conditioners, washer/dryers, or refrigerators. Do you have an action plan to protect your houses essential appliances? Don’t get caught off guard with the cost of a new appliance when it can be so easily avoided. Search through the best home warranty companies on the market to see what they have to offer for you homes appliances.

Top 5 of the Most Reviewed Home Warranties, Service Plans

American Home Shield

We have provided affordable protection against inevitable home system component and appliance breakdowns for over 40 years. Our network of independent, pre-screened home service professionals is the largest in the nation, ensuring you're never far from award-winning service.

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First American

A First American Home Buyers Protection Plan is an affordable way to protect the critical systems and appliances in your home and business.

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Total Protect Home Warranty

TotalProtect Home Warranty plans are built around serving you. But it's more than just covering repairs and replacements for home appliances and systems. We're committed to providing you the right services and the right people at the right times.

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Select Home Warranty

As a homeowner, you never know when a heat or plumbing system, appliance, or garage door will break down. Repairing these systems requires time to look for a suitable repair technician and exorbitant repair costs.

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Choice Home Warranty

We believe Choice Home Warranties home warranties are the most comprehensive, flexible and value-priced on the market. We do everything we can to help you get back on track - that's the difference. .

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Do I really need a home warranty?

While some homeowners will never purchase a home warranty, almost every new homebuyer now requires at least a one-year warranty with the purchase of a house. Home warranties offer a peace of mind for homebuyers when purchasing a new home with old appliances and out dated systems.

The most common scenario homebuyers run into is a high replacement cost from an air condition, hot water heater, or a major appliance going out. All of that can now be put to rest. Finding the right home warranty that covers what you need is a tricky task. Home Warranty shop has simplified the process and will allow you to compare each warranties offers to fit your exact needs.

Warranties come in all shapes and size, which allows you to be extremely flexible from yearly costs all the way to service call fees. Check out the best home warranty providers in the market and start comparing cost, fees, reputation, and so much more.